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Mercruiser Gimbal Housings

The Mercruiser Gimbal Housing Assembly is sometimes
referred to as a "transom assembly". All new units include
such items as the bellhousing, gimbal ring, bellows, shift cable
inner transom plate, mounting hardware, front tilt pin and
both hydraulic trim cylinders with hoses.

The Gimbal Housing Assemblies are fully painted, assembled
and ready to install onto your boat.

For those of you who are upgrading from an "R" style gimbal housing,
to an Alpha One style
, you will need to make some slight modifications
to your transom hole to make the Alpha One transom fit.

If you are upgrading from an "R" style to an Alpha One Gen II gimbal housing
then you will also need to trim the transom hole cut-out just a little
in a few places to provide clearance.

When converting from an Alpha One to a Bravo style gimbal housing assembly,
you will have to drill two additional holes to accommodate the two extra mounting
studs that the Bravo Gimbal Housing uses at the top.

If you have a really old gimbal housing assembly then it is best
to simply repower with complete Mercruiser Sterndrive Package.
The aggravation of trying to make the old exhaust pipe, steering and trim
systems to adapt to a new style transom is just crazy. Items such as
flywheel housings, shift plates, couplers and yoke shafts make a
conversion of this type ridiculously expensive.

Gimbal Housing Price New Note
Alpha One #6-00019003 $ 5,033.60 Pending NLA
Alpha One Gen II #6-6010000DP $5,033.00 Oil reservour type
Bravo I, II & III #6-6020010JP $4,990.85
Bravo High Perf #6-6020004GP $5,411.00 Without trim senders
The New Bravo ITS [Integrated Transom System] Call or email Without trim senders, Set back
TRS #6-00022330 $4,579.45 Needs to be custom assembled
Merc III SSM #6-6613002HP $8,416.65
Merc V SSM # call $8,416.65 Call for more info
New Style Trim Pump $1200.00 Great price!
New Style Power Steering Cylinder $407.30 Great price!
New Style Exhaust "Y"-Pipe Kit (complete!!!) $1,977.94 Great price!

Prices are subject to change.

A Word About Mercruiser Gimbal Housings
New is always best. If you can afford it, get NEW.
Mercruiser offers a 1 year warranty on new products.
"You get what you pay for" in the marine industry. works on a "value" basis. We offer
Mercruiser units at a great "value". It's that simple.
We guarantee that we are NOT the cheapest.

Mercruiser Sterndrives

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