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Premium SAE-SAE Control Cables

Available in 1 ft. increments up to 30 ft. and up to 50 ft. in 2 ft. increments.
All cables are priced individually.
Standard SAE threads on both ends.
These cables are typically used with Morse, Teleflex and Zero Effort Controls.
Commonly used for inboard applications with transmissions.
Smooth operation because of stranded SS armor wrap and plated brass ends.
This type of cable has NO adjustable barrel.
Follow your Service Manual for proper cable installation and adjustment.

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897979A03 changes to 8M0082575 Cable 3 foot $33.00
897979A04 changes to 8M0082576 Cable 4 foot $34.00
897979A05 changes to 8M0082577 Cable 5 foot $35.00
897979A06 changes to 8M0082578 Cable 6 foot $37.00
897979A07 changes to 8M0082579 Cable 7 foot $39.00
897979A08 changes to 8M0082580 Cable 8 foot $40.00
897979A09 Cable 9 foot $41.00
897979A10 changes to 8M0082582 Cable 10 foot $42.00
897979A11 changes to 8M0082583 Cable 11 foot $43.00
897979A12 changes to 8M0082584 Cable 12 foot $44.00
897979A13 changes to 8M0082585 Cable 13 foot $45.00
897979A14 changes to 8M0082586 Cable 14 foot $46.00
897979A15 changes to 8M0082587 Cable 15 foot $48.00
897979A16 changes to 8M0082588 Cable 16 foot $49.00
897979A17 changes to 8M0082589 Cable 17 foot $51.00
897979A18 changes to 8M0082590 Cable 18 foot $53.00
897979A19 changes to 8M0082591 Cable 19 foot $54.00
897979A20 changes to 8M0082592 Cable 20 foot $56.00
897979A21 changes to 8M0082593 Cable 21 foot $57.00
897979A22 changes to 8M0082594 Cable 22 foot $58.00
897979A23 changes to 8M0082595 Cable 23 foot $59.00
897979A24 changes to 8M0082596 Cable 24 foot $60.00
897979A25 changes to 8M0082597 Cable 25 foot $62.00
897979A26 changes to 8M0082598 Cable 26 foot $63.00
897979A27 changes to 8M0082599 Cable 27 foot $65.00
897979A28 changes to 8M0082600 Cable 28 foot $67.00
897979A29 Cable 29 foot $68.00
897979A30 changes to 8M0082602 Cable 30 foot $70.00

Please Contact Us if you need cables longer than 30 ft.

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