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Platinum Gen I Mercury Control Cables

Available in 1 ft. increments up to 30 ft. and up to 75 ft. in 2 ft. increments.
High Performance for extreme applications.
All cables are priced individually.
These cables are use for Gen 1 Merc, Mariner and Mercruiser applications.
Smooth operation because of stranded SS core and plated brass ends.
WILL NOT fit new Gen 2 controls.
This type of cable has an adjustable barrel.
Follow your Service Manual for proper cable installation and adjustment.

See price in Cart
877773A3 supercedes to 897977A03 Cable 3 foot $33.00
877773A4 supercedes to 897977A04 Cable 4 foot $33.00
877773A5 supercedes to 897977A05 Cable 5 foot $35.00
877773A6 supercedes to 8M0082479 Cable 6 foot $37.00
877773A7 supercedes to 8M0082480 Cable 7 foot $38.00
897977A08 supercedes to 8M0082481 Cable 8 foot $40.00
877773A9 supercedes to 8M0082482 Cable 9 foot $42.00
877773A10 supercedes to 8M0082483 Cable 10 foot $43.00
877773A11 supercedes to 8M0082484 Cable 11 foot $44.00
877773A12 supercedes to 8M0082485 Cable 12 foot $46.00
877773A13 supercedes to 8M0082486 Cable 13 foot $47.00
877773A14 supercedes to 8M0082487 Cable 14 foot $48.00
877773A15 supercedes to 8M0082488 Cable 15 foot $49.00
877773A16 supercedes to 8M0082489 Cable 16 foot $51.00
877773A17 supercedes to 8M0082490 Cable 17 foot $52.00
877773A18 supercedes to 8M0082491 Cable 18 foot $53.00
877773A19 supercedes to 8M0082492 Cable 19 foot $56.00
877773A20 supercedes to 8M0082493 Cable 20 foot $57.00
877773A21 supercedes to 8M0082494 Cable 21 foot $59.00
877773A22 supercedes 8M0082495 Cable 22 foot $60.00
877773A23 supercedes to 8M0082496 Cable 23 foot $61.00
877773A24 supercedes to 8M0082497 Cable 24 foot $63.00
877773A25 supercedes to 8M0082498 Cable 25 foot $64.00
877773A26 supercedes to 8M0082499 Cable 26 foot $65.00
877773A27 supercedes to 8M0082500 Cable 27 foot $67.00
877773A28 supercedes to 8M0082501 Cable 28 foot $68.00
877773A29 supercedes to 8M0082502 Cable 29 foot $69.00
877773A30 supercedes to 8M0082503 Cable 30 foot $70.00

Please Contact Us if you need cables longer than 30 ft.

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