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Standard Gen I SAE Control Cables

These cables have the traditional Gen 1 control end and a threaded SAE engine end.
Available in 1 ft. increments up to 30 ft.
All cables are priced individually and packaged one per box.
Fits Mercury and Mariner 4/5 hp. Outboards,
(Japanese origin) and various Mariner 8 thru 60 hp. outboards (Japanese origin).

Mercury Control Cable

See price in Cart
896143A05 changes to 8M0085942 Cable 5 foot $29.00
896143A06 changes to 8M0085940 Cable 6 foot $30.00
896143A07 changes to 8M0085964 Cable 7 foot $31.00
896143A08 changes to 8M0085941 Cable 8 foot $31.00
896143A09 changes to 8M0085946 Cable 9 foot $32.00
896143A10 changes to 8M0085937 Cable 10 foot $32.00
896143A11 changes to 8M0085951 Cable 11 foot $33.00
896143A12 changes to 8M0085949 Cable 12 foot $33.00
896143A13 changes to 8M0085952 Cable 13 foot $34.00
896143A14 changes to 8M0085952 Cable 14 foot $34.00
896143A15 changes to 8M0085960 Cable 15 foot $34.00
896143A16 changes to 8M0085963 Cable 16 foot $35.00
896143A17 changes to 8M0085956 Cable 17 foot $37.00
896143A18 changes to 8M0085947 Cable 18 foot $37.00
896143A19 changes to 8M0085954 Cable 19 foot $38.00
896143A20 changes to 8M0085957 Cable 20 foot $39.00
896143A21 changes to 8M0085962 Cable 21 foot $40.00
896143A22 changes to 8M0085959 Cable 22 foot $41.00
896143A23 changes to 8M0052502 Cable 23 foot $42.00
896143A24 changes to 8M0085943 Cable 24 foot $43.00
896143A25 changes to 8M0085939 Cable 25 foot $44.00
896143A26 changes to 8M0085950 Cable 26 foot $45.00
896143A27 changes to 8M0085944 Cable 27 foot $46.00
896143A28 changes to 8M0052507 Cable 28 foot $46.00
896143A29 changes 8M0085961 Cable 29 foot $47.00
896143A30 changes to 8M0052509 Cable 30 foot $48.00

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