...The NEW Mercruiser Integrated Transom...
Mercruiser Bravo I.T.S.
Mercruiser now packages the I.T.S. with the 500 EFI, 500 BullDog or the powerful 575SCi only.

This System can not be purchased seperatly.
I.T.S. Option will add an additional $5,000 to
the XR Packages listed above.

Seven Inch Setback.
Dual Steering Cylinders.
Reinforced Heat-Sync Top Cover.
Hidden trim lines.
New Ratios of 1.50:1, 1.26:1 and 1.35:1.
Lightweight Removable Cover.
HD Hinge Pins.
Digital Trim Sender.
Better Load Distribution.
Better Performance*.
* Boat should be designed for the I.T.S. for maximum results.
Top/Rear view of Mercruiser Bravo ITS drive
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