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Need a little more "kick"?
Many factory marine engines are limited as
to what kind of performance modifications are possible.

We know what will and what will not work.

We also know the pitfalls of bumping up your horsepower.

Marine engines run under extreme conditions and half-ass parts
just won't do it.
As a rule... expect to pay about $1,500 for every MPH increase.
You should also be aware that your drive system may also
have to be upgraded to handle the additional power.
  Performance modifications require more maintenance.
In many cases engine and drive life will be reduced.
Items such as gimbal strength, hull ratings, steering capacity,
fuel capacity and prop design must also be taken into consideration.

Always plan your modifications all the way through. For example...
If replacing your stock exhaust with CMI Headers, know that you
might also have to install a different remote oil filter bracket
and a special shift bracket plate and even an ECU mounting bracket
if so called for.

If you don't already have through-hull exhaust tips then plan
accurately the location and size of the holes that you will need to cut.

The 10% to 15% increase you may realize in power might mean
that you will have to modify or change your props.

Usually when engines have the ability to put out more power they
also may need and use more fuel. Make sure your fuel system is adequate
and in perfect condition.

Superchargers are the way to go for real horsepower.
We always recommend studing your heads and installing a vacume/boost gauge
and knock sensors. A 502 MPI can expect a 150hp increase with the installation of a ProCharger!

We also have a few hot performing ignition modification kits too.

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