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Mercruiser Precision Parts keep your engines
in good, safe operating condition.

Insist on ONLY Mercruiser Factory Parts!

We have tune-up kits, points and condensors for every
Mercruiser Sterndrive and Inboard Engine made.

Here are a few simple tune-up tips.
1. Always set your dwell (points) BEFORE setting your timing.
2. Apply dielectric grease to the distributor cam or the points will fail fast.
3. Make a note of you firing order BEFORE the tune-up.
5. Make sure you have the correct engine specifications.
6. Use White Out to mark your harmonic damper timing line.
7. Use care installing a ThunderBolt Sensor wheel! Don't bend any tabs.

EFI and MPI Mercruiser Engines use a custom ECU (electronic control unit).
The ECU is a very dependable and expensive computer.
Each engine has it's own serialized ECU.
With the proper Mercruiser testing tool, many tests can be performed on an EFI/MPI Engine.
The Mercruiser ECU Diagnostics Terminal will test such items as the
throttle position sensor (TPI), the Knock sensor, the MAP sensor (manifold air pressure),
and a few others.
Information such as overheat and over-rev conditions are also recorded as well
as important trouble code information.
Replacing an ECU is only advised after every other effort and test has been performed.
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