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Marine Parts & Accessories

Mercruiser Precision Parts keep your engines
in good, safe operating condition.

Insist on ONLY Mercruiser Factory Parts!

Mercruiser Clutches and Spools provide smooth positive shifting.

An engine that idles too high or has a shift component problem
will eventually suffer clutch and/or spool damage.

Have a Mercruiser Tech make sure your shift operation is per specs.

Our Mercruiser Aluminum propshaft carrier housings come in every style you need.

Please note that the newer replacement shift spool assemblies are
now made of a harder new material and also, two different styles are
sold depending on the model and year sterndrive you have.

Using the wrong shift spool will result in shift problems.

What?! You didn't find what you need?

Then it's time to call our parts experts.
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