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Mercruiser Sterndrive Engines use a coupler.
This drive coupler is much like a propeller in that it has a pressed-in rubber hub.
This rubber hub serves four functions in that it reduces drive & engine damage
in the event of impact, it reduces damage to the shift clutch while shifting,
it reduces vibration and it connects the engine to the drive.

Keeping your engine properly aligned is important to the coupler.
Any misalignment will result in the failure of the coupler.
Have your engine alignment checked every year.

Older engines had the couplers bolted right to the crankshaft.
Newer engines have the coupler mated to the rear face of the flywheel.
The newer couplers have more "flex" and are less likely to fail.

The best way to order a new coupler is to have your engine serial number.
Even then... the parts books may show two possible styles of couplers.

You need to know:
1. Does the coupler mount right to the crank flange?
2. Is the coupler "triangular"?
3. What drive do you have?
4. Does your coupler have a snout? (metal tube extending aft about 4")?
5. Did your damaged coupler ruin your splined drive shaft?
6. Are your motor mounts firm?
7. Is your transom solid?
8. Do you have the engine alignment tool?

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