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Here are the parts that put the final touch on your Mercruiser Exhaust System.
While you are replacing exhaust components, don't forget the exhaust bellows
and the exhaust water shutters.

If an overheated exhaust pipe bellows leaks, it could spray water
directly into the engine while under way.
This could destroy your engine and spray salt water all
over everything in your engine compartment.

Have you been hearing a clattering noise from the back
of your engine compartment?
Most Mercruiser Exhaust "Y" Pipes have water shutter valves.
These flapper style valves help prevent water from backing up
into the engine through the exhaust system.
When the rubber edges of these flappers wear off, then they
make a clattering noise at low RPM's.

While you have your exhaust elbows off for inspection or replacement,
go ahead and replace your exhaust shutters as well.

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