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Mercruiser Precision Parts keep your engines
in good, safe operating condition.

Insist on ONLY Mercruiser Factory Parts!

Knowing your cooling temperature is critical.

Mercruiser water temp senders are a perfect match for
not only Mercruiser gauges but most other brands too.

Senders are availiable for both single and dual station gauge applications.

Not sure if your gauge is working?
To test a temp gauge, simply ground the sender wire and the gauge should peg.
If the gauge pegs but it still won't read any temp, then the sender is bad.
If the gouge doesn't peg when the sender wire is grounded, then
something is wrong with the wiring to the gauge or the gauge itself is faulty.

Never run a boat with the gauge not working!

Send us your engine serial number and we will look up the correct sender for you.

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