Starter Motors

Mercruiser Precision Parts keep your engines
in good, safe operating condition.

Insist on ONLY Mercruiser Factory Parts!! now offers both New and Remanufactured Starter Motors.

The Remanufactured Starters are Mercruiser Factory Rebuilt!

For exact match ordering, include your engine serial number.
Otherwise, specify engine year and size along with starter
information such as ....
Straight or offset bolt pattern,
Left or Righthand rotation engine,
Rear or front mounting (entry),
Top or bottom mount location,
Number of teeth on pinion,

And any other information that you might find useful.

Remember to clean the starters mating surfaces
on both the starter and engine block for a good ground.

Make sure you have disconnected your engine ground & positive
battery cables BEFORE removing or installing the starter motor.

A good solenoid will help your starter last longer.
Always make a good note on the wiring setup or your solenoid.

Some solenoids have an additional pole which will
bypass the resistor wire to the coil for quicker starts.
Don't confuse this extra lead with a ground terminal or activation pole!

Delco Starter Motor
Starter Motor 50-863007A1 for $223.35
Delco PG260 F1, 9 tooth pinion bottom mount, offset bolt pattern

Prestolite Ford Starter
Starter Motor 50-69865A1 for $447.85 (No Longer Sold)
Prestolite, 9 tooth pinion, For standard rotation Ford engines

No Longer Sold
Prestolite Starter Motor
Starter Motor 50-72550R2 (remanufactured) for $463.60
Prestolite, 9 tooth, for MCM 470/485/488

Delco Starter
Starter Motor 50-97499R3 (remanufactured) for $241.45
Delco, 9 tooth, rear entry, for opposite rotation
MIE engines and for bottom mount MCM 3.7L

Delco PG260 Starter Motor
Starter Motor 50-864340A2 s/s to 50-863007A1 for $216.80
Delco PG260, 11 tooth pinion, bottom mount,
Offset bolt pattern.

Delco PG 260
Starter Motor 50-806965A4 for $226.80
Delco PG260, 11 tooth pinion, bottom mount, Straight across bolt pattern.

Delco Starter Motor
Starter Motor 50-808011A4 s/s to 50-808011A4 for $237.605
Delco 9 tooth pinion, rear entry,
For standard rotation MIE engines.


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