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Mercruiser Precision Parts keep your engines
in good, safe operating condition.

Insist on ONLY Mercruiser Factory Parts!

We have tune-up kits, points and condensors for every
Mercruiser Sterndrive and Inboard Engine made.

Here are a few simple tune-up tips.
1. Always set your dwell (points) BEFORE setting your timing.
2. Apply dielectric grease to the distributor cam or the points will fail fast.
3. Make a note of you firing order BEFORE the tune-up.
5. Make sure you have the correct engine specifications.
6. Use White Out to mark your harmonic damper timing line.
7. Use care installing a ThunderBolt Sensor wheel! Don't bend any tabs.

This rotor/ sensor wheel assembly is for 8 cylinder Mercruisers only.
To remove the old wheel, pry up with two large screw drivers from either side.
While it's off, check for rust on your sensor. Replace the sensor if it's rusted.
Gently tap the new rotor into place with a small piece of wood and a small hammer.
Make sure the rotor is fully seated!

13524T1 V8 Rotor and Sensor Wheel Assembly $13.00
Used on Mercruiser V8 engines with Thunderbolt IV ignition.
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