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Mercruiser Alpha One, R and MR Serial Numbers 6225577 THRU 0D469858

    Insist on ONLY Original Factory Parts

This item is sold as a Kit.
(scroll down page to look up a new Controller unit)
The Mercathode Kit includes both the Controller and the Anode as well as
the wires, hardware pack and oring.

There are two types of Mercathode Kits.
Early drives do not have a place on the bottom of the gimbal to mount the Anode device so
you can use the old style kit.
The old style kit has two 3" diameter disks which screw to the back of the transom.
One disk is mounted on the port side of the transom and the other disk is mounted to the starboard side.

Part 88334A2 Mercathode Kit (old style) $165.00

Newer Alpha One drives have a place for a one-piece Anode device to be mounted on the bottom of the gimbal.
Some units might have a Plate Zinc which will have to be removed and other units might have a small diamond shaped
plate which easily unbolts with two screws.

There is a hole in the middle of the hose connector block (where the 4 trim hoses attach) that the
anode's wires can pass through into the boat and up to the Mercathode Controller.

It's a pretty easy installation and the Kit includes installation instructions.

Part 98869A14 Mercathode Kit (new style) $142.00 (shown below).

Mercathode Kit

Important: 2004 and some newer units have Molex plugs on their Mercathode connections.
If you have a new later model engine/drive with the Molex connectors and you need a replacement
Mercathode component, just send us an email with your engine and drive serial number.

    Mercathode Controllers

There are two types of Mercathode Controllers.

If you are ordering an extra Controller to enhance your Mercathode protection you need
to know what color your original Controller is. They are either BLACK or BLUE.

The Mercathode Kits that use the gimbal mounted anode device use a BLUE controller.
Mercathode Kits that use the two disks have a BLACK controller.

You must use the correct color controller. Do not mix controller colors.

Part 42600A09 Mercathode Controller $40.00
Blue Controller and hardware. Used with Kit 98869A14 for doubling output.

Part 88334A4 Mercathode Controller $79.99
Black Controller and hardware. Used with Kit 8834A2 for doubling output on disk type units.

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