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Mercruiser Alpha One, R and MR Serial Numbers 6225577 THRU 0D469858

Continuity Kit

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The Continuity Kit contains all the Mercruiser bonding cables with washers and special tapping screws.
These bonding components are an important part of your Galvanic Protection System.
Simply put, the cables daisy-chain all your main Mercruiser components together to provide for a continuous ground circuit.
If any one of the bonding cable are broken or missing the drive will suffer galvanic corrosion damage when in the water.

Most new engine and drive packages come with the Mercathode Protection System.
In order for the Mercathode Protection System to work properly, you must have a good bonding system.

This "daisy-chain" of bonding components starts at the engine block and leads all the way down the lower unit and prop.
You will have a wire between your engine grounding stud and your inner transom plate.
This wire is commonly left off when the engine is removed.
Make sure that whenever someone removes and installs your engine that they refasten this important wire.

There is stainless bonding cable that screws between the inner transom plate and the gimbal housing and there is
another stainless cable which leads from the gimbal housing up to the steering lever.

On the outside of the boat there are cables attaching the gimbal housing to the gimbal ring, bell housing and trim cylinders.

One of the drive mounting studs will have a bonding washer which is screwed to the drive.

Take some time and look over your bonding system.
The Kit is cheap and it makes it easy to secure your bonding system.

99940A2 Continuity Kit $31.00
Parts not sold separately

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